March 30, 2010

My Favorite Fruits

I've never been very fond of "American" fruits. By this I just mean apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, etc etc ... I have no idea the origin of these fruits ... I only call them "American" because they seem pretty typical in an American diet. I eat these fruits (of course!) but they are not my favorites. I grew up in Taiwan for the first 6 years of my life so my palate is naturally drawn to tropical fruits. In order of preference, these are my favorites:

Pomelos (Chinese Grapefruit)
Rose Apple (Wax Fruit)
Asian Pears
Passion Fruit

So imagine my surprise when 2 weeks ago we hit the local Farmer's Market and there was a stand selling pomelos! I nearly lost my mind. I've only had pomelos in Taiwan ... didn't know they could grow in California. I am reeeeeeeeally excited about this find. I plan on getting up really early this Saturday just so I can get to the Farmer's Market before our day's plans begin ... and I am going to buy myself at least 7 pomelos. One for each day of the week! I highly recommend checking out your local Farmer's Market to see if you can find some new & interesting fruits to try. And the price can't be beat ... pomelos at Farmer's Market = $1/ea ... pomelos at specialty market = $1.49/per lb! The small ones weigh about 2 lbs each so it really makes a difference.

Pomelo (Chinese Grapefruit)

Brunch: Apple, Cinnamon & Raisin Oatmeal w/ a tspn of flax oil
Snack: Asian Pear
Dinner: Big Salad topped with Annie's Goddess Dressing
Dessert: Corn Muffin
Snack: Red Pepper Hummus w/ red pepper slices & Strawberry Kanten

Apple-Cinnamon-Raisin Oatmeal

Oatmeal ~ Instead of apple juice concentrate I peel, chop & purée a fresh apple. I also stir in 2 tablespoons of maple syrup when I add the raisins ... let it sit (covered) at least 10 mins ... really soaks up the maple flavor & the raisins get nice & soft. Yum!

About to whip up the Red Pepper Hummus.

Hummus ~ I use a fresh red pepper instead of store bought jar of roasted red peppers. I also use unsalted garbanzo beans & then add fine sea salt to taste ... I don't know if it makes a difference but it makes me feel more in control of the sodium level.

Enjoying a funny moment on yesterday's hike.


  1. Do you know what is funny about this??? How long ago was it now that we were cheering our little hearts away on that Citrus football field, and yet... in my head I can still hear what your laugh sounds like when I see that picture of you on the hike. LOL Great blog! Our farmers markets, and my favorite local food stand will start back up here soon, and I can't wait. Rainer Cherries, here I come. Yummy!

  2. For Asian fruits/veggies, I highly recommend Sierra Produce on Baldwin in Arcadia. (They're Japanese-owned.) Also, places like 99 Ranch and Super King Market have really great deals on produce. Hey, I love farmers' markets too, but you can't beat 3 lbs. of papaya for 99 cents.