March 31, 2010

Hummus Wrap

Made a yummy Hummus Wrap for lunch today ... I used the Red Pepper Hummus that I made yesterday, then sliced up some cucumbers, red peppers, black olives, added some onion sprouts and wrapped it all up with a sprouted grain tortilla. Seriously yum and seriously easy!

Hummus Wrap

If you are considering changing up your eating habits (maybe not going vegan but at least to eat healthier) I know it can seem like a huge task. But I really, really, reeeeally want to emphasize just how easy eating has been for me since going vegan! Yesterday I realized that when I wasn't vegan and our fridge was full of frozen meals & junk, I would always say, "We have nothing to eat! I'm hungry!", then stare at all the food and randomly pick something unhealthy & quick. Now it feels like we have tons & tons of food and tons & tons of options ... even though the amount of food in our fridge is really not that different. The big difference now is that our veggie bins are full, our pantry is stocked with whole grains & the dairy products have been switched out. And ... I cook it.

I know in this day and age it seems like time is running out ... it feels like we are so connected that we don't have any time to do anything else in our days but our work, our errands and the connecting. But really, if you have the time to sit here and read my blog ... or sit there and watch a Mad Men marathon ... maybe talk to your best friend on the phone for 30 mins ... or play Farmville on Facebook ... trust me ... ya got time to cook! Take it from me ... a former World's Laziest Person contender.

Don't think of it as a huge task ... break it down into easy changes ... one-step-at-a-time. When you're ready to take that leap it will all just come together and fall into place naturally. If you are toying with the idea start with dessert! That is what I did. The first few recipes I made were all desserts. Yummy, decadent, vegan desserts! There are no rules that say you have to start with veggies & rabbit food (as my dad use to call it) ... ease yourself into it and see how delicious this adventure can be!

Breakfast: Whole grain cereal w/ sliced bananas & rice milk
Snack: Pomelo & Blackberries
Lunch: Hummus Wrap
Dinner: Dolma w/ Tofu Cream & Quinoa
Snack: Strawberries & a granola bar (Sunny Hemp by Nature's Path)

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  1. I dont think you were up for Laziest Person, but "I don't know anything about cooking" person, YES! I am soo impressed with your cooking skill now!

    I must say people.. Even if you not a vegan, the food is amazing and you can do what I do. I just make a meat dish and use all the amazing vegan food as a side dish. If you don't belive me, come on over and you can see for youself! Love ya babe!