May 4, 2010

Doctor, Doctor

I need to find a new doctor.

I went for my yearly physical yesterday and once again walked away feeling really crappy about myself. I have no idea what the deal is with my doctor ... but she really knows how to make me feel bad. If it's not one thing I'm being silly about it's another ... this year ... it's (you guessed it) ... my vegan diet. According to her I'm going to kill myself (by becoming anemic & being deficient in iron). She doesn't believe we were meant to eat only vegetables (I don't believe that either, but apparently that is what she takes being vegan as). She doesn't care that all the ailments I complained about in previous years have suddenly disappeared ... or that I am 24 lbs lighter than last year(!) ... she says "miracles don't happen"!?!? Ugh. It is a wonder to me that so many physicians (and people in general) are still so old-school and under the impression that being a vegan means eating only raw vegetables ... that vegans are just crazy "New Age" people who want to be sickly. How can they ignore all the evidence out there that following a plant-based diet can reverse deadly diseases such as cancer & heart disease? I'm sure. Whatever. I need to find a doctor who's up-to-date and open minded. It's really my own fault for being so lazy and not looking for a new doctor sooner ... but that was my final straw. I do hope that when my lab results come back she can see for herself that I'm not "killing" myself.

Just for laughs ... after giving me a lecture about the horrible ways of a vegan diet she proclaimed that she only eats meat about twice a month ... huh??? So what is she eating the other 28 days??? Then she also informed me (for no particular reason) that women who want to have a water birth are kind of loony ... in her words ... "if we were meant to give birth underwater we'd be whales". Well ... I suppose she has a point ... but funny that when I have a baby that is definitely something I'm considering. Well, I guess you can just call me Orca.

Anyway ... I digress. Here's what I've been eating the last few days on my Killer Vegan Diet ...

"Egg" Salad Sandwich (The Kind Diet).

"Raw" taco I picked up at Whole Foods ... it was $10.99!!! A very good reason to learn how to cook.

Soft Rice Porridge (The Kind Diet).

Moroccan Couscous (The Kind Diet).

Raw Balls (The Kind Diet). These were a HUGE hit!

Polenta Casserole with Seitan (The Kind Diet).

Banana Walnut Oatmeal. This was soooo good! I substituted maple syrup for the vanilla extract.

AAH built me a cute little planter box to grow herbs.

Give me a kiss!


  1. Your puppy is so cute! Your food looks great. I also switched to vegan after being a heavy heavy meat eater...I switched in January after reading the kind diet too! I think there must be some massive switch in our collective consciousness because as I peruse blogs I notice everyone switched this year! :) Your food looks great! Keep it up!

  2. Let us know how awesome your lab results were when they get back! You will prove your doctor wrong for sure.

  3. I love that you put a picture of your dog at the end of your blog. Makes me smile. Get a new doctor. I dread going to the doctor because I know all they'll do is write me a prescription with no real interest in finding out what's wrong with me in the first place!

  4. Def. time for a new doctor! I love the call me Orca part too. You crack me up!! You stick to those "crazy, killer, raw, hippy" views of yours. If they make you happy and healthy... then what's it to your doctor anyways??? ;)

  5. dude. that doc needs a smack in the head. she sounds like a jerk. im vegetarian but i eat the kid food diet. hahaha. if it looks weird or slimy im not eating it. pizza GOOD. macaroni and cheese GOOD. brussel sprouts BAD. *makes icky face* but i have to tell you that cous cous thingy looks delicious and non slimy. id even eat that. hahaha

  6. You should switch doc's ASAP. I just switched to a Doc who is totally for the Plant-Based lifestyle, she is awesome and gives me lots of info and encouragement. Makes a huge difference.

  7. ooh now i definitely have to try the raw balls recipe, they look amazing! great post! it's really important to find somebody who's supportive of you...and yeah, what IS she eating those 28 other days? strange, strange.